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In this how to, I will show to make an article about a character. These guidelines are not necessary to make an article about a character, but they are necessary to make a good article about a character. These guildines will help tell detailed information about the character. You might also want to look at the policy for more information.


Infoboxes are very important in telling general information to get a headstart, just like the first paragraph. The preferred infobox is INFOBOX: PERSON. The INFOBOX:CHARACTER that has wikia shows far less detailed and less relevant information than the INFOBOX: PERSON lists. Here is some of the information listed in INFOBOX: PERSON:*Name: Be sure to include the name. It will be provided automatically, but if you want the full name, put it in manually.

  • Age: Please list how they are in years. If they are dead, list how old they were at death. If they aren't born yet, please list their age in whatever series they appeared in, or say "not born yet".
  • Occupation: This list their job(s). The job they have now should be listed first, and if they have any other jobs (or had other jobs that they were fired from or quit), list them next. If they have no job, list "unemployed", and if they had other jobs before then, list them.
  • Appearances: This shows what YouTube Poop sources they came from. For example, Patrick Star's "appearances" box would have SpongeBob SquarePants in it, while Gay Luigi's would have Hotel Mario. If it is a fanmade character, simply put "none" in the box.
  • Friends: This lists the people who have a positive relation with the character. It also includes people who help them (allies).
  • Enemies: This lists people who have a negative relation with the character. Please don't list all the people who aren't his/her friends, since some people are neither friends nor enemies.
  • Hometown: This lists the city they live in. If they used to live somewhere else, then you may list it, but only if the other place is important to their lives.
  • Relatives: Includes all people genetically and/or legally related to them. This includes parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, children, grandchildren, their spouse, and their in-laws. If they don't have a spouse, in-law, children or cousins, don't put them in. Also, don't put in all of their cousins and grandparents, or it will be too lengthy. If they have "no family", put in "unknown".
  • Favorite Things: List the stuff they like talking about, and the hobbies they like to do.
  • Embodied Personalities: List at least one personality they can assume. For example, Luigi can turn into Mama Luigi, who is obsessed with breakfast and dinosaur, or Gay Luigi, who likes spaghetti and kicking stuff. Also list any reincarnations like robot forms or ghost forms.
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