Howard Harkinian (1915–1962) was George Harkinian's father and John Harkinian's great-great-grandfather.


Howard Harkinian was born to Rabby Harkinian in October 24th, 1795 (the year of the fall of Poland). When Rabby died at 1810, Howard became the King, when he had got 15 years. As being the young King, he wanted to make free schools in Hyrule, and he somewhat succeeded. When he ended the school having got 20 years he came back as the King. He found girlfriend at school so he decided to marry her.

New Life and Wartime

When Howard married his girlfriend (Molly Loney), he wanted to help Poland getting out their trouble. He sent Weegee Virus to Austria (that's why Weegee is on our planet) to kill all soldiers and help France and Poland. He also wanted to throw it to Russia but it was too late. He couldn't help to Poland anymore, he was sad then. He also learn about first Kings of Hyrule, he saw here Harkinian Dynasty. He wanted to be the best of Kings of Hyrule.

His Children

In 1819 Howard's kids were born. His kids were: George Harkinian and Thomas Harkinian. When Howard and Molly went to shop for dinner for their kids, Thomas was taken by a person to the train. George remembered something of it and it's also in the archive of Hyrule.

Finding his Lost Child

Howard was afraid that Squad Allah took his child. When Howard sent a messenger, he came back with the message that they would use dark magic to make his child immortal and torture him for eternity, if Howard did not give up the throne. Outraged, Howard declared war on Squad Allah.

War of Hyrule

Howard Harkinian went with to the Fort Allah. His Forces were strong at the beginning, they had 10,000 trained soldiers, including the father of Link. He thought that was enough to stop Squad Allah. When Soldiers entered Fort Allah they couldn't find the King's child. Soon enough, the ruthless blades of Squad Allah found their victims, and Howard Harkinian ran away in shame.

His Death

Howard Harkinian dropped a bomb on Fort Allah, but was just in range for it to kill him and Molly as well.

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