Link, age 5, during the infamous battle of Gomatown.

The Hylian Civil War was a war fought between Koridon and Gamelai during the 1980s over whether or not technology or power is best, after the damage caused by Hurricane Zelda raised tensions between the rival Koridonians and Gamelaians while making the rest of Hyrule reluctant to intervene. Koridon had suffered less damage from the storm than any other Hylian region except Gamelon and ultimately won the war, in which many leaders and warriors died. The conflict motivated King Harkinian to write and sign the PINGAS Act of 1982, intended to prevent Hylian states from going to war over trivial matters again. Link, still a child at the time, also started his career as a warrior during the war.

End and Aftermath

Koridon subdued Gamelai relatively early in the war, then tried to win independence from the rest of Hyrule. After many battles, the King and his armies defeated the Koridonians, and peace terms were signed on October 10, 1985. That happened to be the same day the King's daughter Zelda was born, and to celebrate these two events, the King hosted a massive orgy at Hyrule Castle. However, this led to disaster when it turned out that one of the guests had AIDS; Hyrule subsequently experienced the first AIDS epidemic in its history.

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