Hylius Maesar was an ancestor to King Harkinian, and the first Harkinian to be monarch of Hyrule. Prior to his role as King, he was just a lowly inventor. He invented the Fork and the Spork. These things got him well recognized by the public. He then got enough people liking him, when he realized he could use this. He uses these people to take down the Wasstapin Dynasty. Once they did, he out himself on top as ruler. He brought the kingdom to prosperity, and everyone loved him. He started out nice...but then he got bad. He ruled the kingdom with an iron fist, and slowly became evil. He became a dictator, until his son Harkilus Maesar killed him, and took over the throne.

Namowg in Gwonam's X-wing
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"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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