The flag of Hyrule until 2006.

Hyrule is a continent and occasional country on the planet Eluryh. It is separated into five areas, counting Koridai. As of 2013, its total population is approximately 170 million people.


The name "Hyrule" was coined around 1800 BC by Hyrulus, a descendant of Thyrukus, upon his completion of the conquest of nearly all of modern-day Koridon and Gamelai. Before the reign of Hyrulus, the Thyrukian kings had called their lands Thyruk or Hyruk. The Thyrukian dynasty fell a few thousand years later, but subsequent ruling families, including the Harkinians, would continue to call their kingdom Hyrule.




YTPMV - Scrub Scrub Scrub by King Harkinian

YTPMV - Scrub Scrub Scrub by King Harkinian

You have to scrub everything in it if you betray the king.

Hyrule Alternate

However, Hyrule cartographers map it like this.

Gomalan: The area where King Harkinian and Link live. It has over 81 million inhabitants.

Koridon: A big desert area with a warp pipe to the Mushroom Kingdom. Impa and Gwonam were born there. 16 million people live there.

Gamelai: The place with the most epic name in Hyrule. Also, most of the Zelda games take place there. It is home to 2.7 million people.

Gamelon: This is where Ushrom and Knil live. This is also important to the story of Hyrule. Onkled Harkinian is the duke of the country. 34 million people are citizens of Gamelon.

Koridai: Where Morshu, Gnorris, I.M. Meen, and Gwonam live. It is pronounced "corridie." 40 million people live in it right now.

Tolemac: A now-defunct area that prospered until most of its inhabitants died of the plague in 1347. It was later absorbed into Gamelon, which was an independent kingdom at the time. Gaspra once lived there, and Zelda's Adventure takes place there.

Politics and government

Beginning in 1520, Hyrule was an absolute monarchy ruled by the Harkinian dynasty. In the 1940s, reforms introduced a legislature and an office of prime minister, but the king could still do almost anything he wanted. However, the power of the monarch fell dramatically during the reign of the Schrob dynasty, and the first presidential election in Hyrule took place in 2146.


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Scrubbing all its floors would take at least over 40 years.

  • Hyrule is 60% forest, 33% desert, and 7% tundra.
  • Hyrule's official currency is usually the rupee.
  • Hyrule's current calendar is based around the year 1520 AD. For example, 1993 is 473 HY.
  • Hyrule has had its own hylium-powered nuclear weapons since the mid-1990s.


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