Youtube Poop I.M

Youtube Poop I.M. Gay

"I.M. Gay" is a three-part YouTube Poop series in which I.M. Meen is called gay by Link and retaliates by attacking Hyrule. A Chill Rescue serves as a sequel to these poops.


Part 1

You want it? it's yours

Impa: Hectan is dangerous!

I.M. Meen: (laughs) Not!


Hektad: You've killed me!

Meen: Good! HAHAHAHA!

Ganon: You! Join me!

Meen: Sure!

Ganon: Great!

Meen: In a hundred years! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ganon: You must die!

Meen: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

Meen: *pant *pant.. AAHHrr! Wretched Ganon! You ruined my beautiful Snoovile! Now you're going to pay! *Throws book*.

Ganon: No! Not in to the pit! It burns!

Link: I won!

Meen: You LOST little boi!

Link: Hey, I think you're gay!

Meen: I am not GAY! I am the greatest magician in the world, and you're the little gay!

Link: Of course not. You're gay!

Meen: Now you're really starting to annoy me!

Link: How about a kiss!

Meen: *Gets traumatized*

Link: Great!

Harkinian and Zelda: Oah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Meen: Annnnnh! You may have outsmarted me this time, Link, but I'll be back! I.M. Meen never quits! You'll see!

Mario and Luigi: CLIMB AWAY

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