King Harkinian winning the Pancake Trial.

IHOP is a restaurant originating in Koridai. It was made by the same company as Koridai Fried Chicken. The name stands for "International Harkinian Omnom Pancakes". Robotnik used King Harkinian's pancake recipe, but since it was a Harkinian family heirloom, King Harkinian Dinner Blasted the resaurant. When they went to court, Robotnik said that it was actually his recipe and King Harkinian stole it. However, King Harkinian's Lawyer, Fat Mario ultimately exposed Robotnik's lie by saying NO U. Because of this, Robotnik pulled a tantrum and started the Pancake War, but it was too late and Robotnik was deemed guilty. Epic Games also tried to steal the recipe and put it in Fortnite, but they failed miserably. (I am not joking). The pancakes were cold, anyway. who likes cold pancakes?
No, No

No, not that IHOP.

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