Ichigo Kurosaki is a 17 years old shinigami. He was killed by his father.

Ichigo Kurosaki
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Vital statistics
Occupation Shinigami
Name Ichigo Kurosaki
Age 17
Appearances Bleach
  • Rukia(sometimes)
  • Naruto
  • Luffy(sometimes)
  • Kirito
  • Rukia(usually)
  • King Harkinian(formerly)
  • I.M. Meen
  • Goku
  • Master Cheif
  • Tomo
  • Cirno
  • Marisa
  • Beck
  • Hyde(He tries to kill Kirito)
Hometown {{{hometown}}}
  • Isshin Kurosaki(father, also the guy who killed him)
  • Naruto(Best friend)
  • Kirito(Known friend)
  • Goku(Known enemy)
  • Beck(Known enemy)
  • Marisa(Most hated theif)
  • Hyde(Archenemy of Kirito)
Favorite Things
  • Chocolate
  • Bleach
  • Naruto
Embodied Personalities {{{embodied personalities}}}


He was nice to people until his father killed him by kicking him many times. He became a shinigami and tries to reveng on his father. Although he became a shinigami, distrusts and has much hatred on many humans, he still regards Naruto as a friend.



Naruto is one of Ichigo's best friend. He is one of the humans that Ichigo still trusts.

King Harkinian

Ichigo tried to steal the King's soul, but Naruto had worked for him, so he gave up.


Ichigo hates goku with no reason.


Marisa often steals his things and makes him angry. Marisa is dumb enough that she doesn't know that Ichigo can kill her easily. She always keep stealing Ichigo's things, no matter how much punishment she has taken.


Ichigo really hates Beck, since he said Mighty No.9 is better than Bleach video games. Ichigo is trying to kill him.


Ichigo originally died by falling down the stairs, when he survived this, he got kicks by his father and dies.

Youtube Poop - BLEACH - Ichigo dies falling down the stairs

Youtube Poop - BLEACH - Ichigo dies falling down the stairs


  • He drinks bleach, because of his series' name.
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