Mario visits Hyrule Castle.

Youtube Poop - Mario's Mental Breakdown the Gay Game-0

Youtube Poop - Mario's Mental Breakdown the Gay Game-0

Illegal Mario is a form of Mario who appears in Mario's Fundamentals. He often gambles and is the first form of Mario to have an Italian accent.


  • "I'd like to have your Bowsers."
  • "Do you got any Little Toadies?"
  • "Here, fishy fishy!"
  • "I guess I'm going fishing."
  • "Oh no!"
  • "Would you like to play as a Yoshi, or as a Koopa?"
  • "I'm-a crown you!"
  • "Nice to see you again!"
  • "I'd like to have your booze."
  • "F*** you."
  • "You suck!"
  • "I'm going to put this in the douches line."
  • "I don't think you can go there."



Illegal Mario is about to crown you.

  • He will often crash your computer. He is basically a computer virus.
  • He would be the last person you would want to be your doctor.
  • He likes to crown people, and he chooses the kings of Truceland.
  • He hates the original Mario.
  • His face often freezes after he says things.
  • He will often ask people to jump him.
  • He got Yoshkins addicted to Doom. As a result, Mama Luigi hates him.
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