Impa Schrob
The Triforce of Wisdom promises something...
Vital statistics
Occupation Magician, nanny.
Name Impa Schrob
Age 94 years.
Appearances Zelda: Wand of Gamelon, YouTube Poop.
Friends Weegee, Zelda, Link
Enemies King Harkinian, Ganon, I.M. Meen, Gwonam
Hometown Mapayda, Koridon.
Relatives Bob Jones, father. Winta Bothersome, mother. Clythia Harkinian, aunt. Gwonam al-Fari, Jr., ex-husband. Tylda Harkinian, daughter. Weegpa, son. John Harkinian, son-in-law. Zelda Harkinian, granddaughter.
Favorite Things Triforces, cereal.
Embodied Personalities Bizarro Impa.
Impa Schrob (1921–), born as Impa Jones, is a 94-year-old woman who is Zelda's grandmother, as well as King Harkinian's mother-in-law and Link's grandmother (but the son of her other child, Gremer).


Classic Impa

Classic Impa!

Impa Jones was born in Mapayda, Koridon to Winta Bothersome and Bob Jones in 1921. In 1950, she had a daughter, Tylda, who would become the King's wife, and in 1954, she participated in the creation of the Triforce of AIDS. She learned this stuff called magic in 1969, and has used some triangular iPad called the Triforce of Wisdom for information about the future, Weegee, and how to bomb Hyrule in one shot. In 1985, she misused the Triforce of AIDS, giving a bunch of Hylians AIDS, before giving the item to Bowser for safekeeping. Starting around that time, she also helped Tylda raise Zelda.

Relations with Other Characters


Hectan is dangerous!

King Harkinian

Impa thinks King Harkinian is a terrible father and hates him for neglecting Zelda. She serves the King so she can help Zelda, but she doesn't always obey him. It's also possible that she lies about the Triforce of Wisdom's predictions to make the King do dangerous things. In spite of her dislike for the King, she is attracted to his form Shaved King.


Impa was married to Gwonam for about twenty years, but now she hates him and doesn't hesitate to insult him to his face. Still, she took his side when he tried to extort the King.


Strangely, Impa and Weegee seem fond of each other, and they have at least two children. However, they are not married and have no plans to change that.


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Youtube Poop - Impa the Perv (Gwonam pulls a prank part 2)

Youtube Poop - Impa the Perv (Gwonam pulls a prank part 2)

Impa the pervert.

  • "The Triforce of Wisdom promises that the King will safely return."
  • "Don't worry, Zelda."
  • "All right, dear."
  • "Oh mai!"
  • "It looks like everyone's been taken to Tykogi Tower!"
  • "Ogy, ogy, ogy, church, church, church, church!"
  • "I'm sure he's all right."
  • "Hectan is dangerous!"
  • "My eye!"
  • "All right, dear."
  • "The King is a terrible father."
  • "You smell like s--t!"



Impa and Zelda.

  • She has a serious cereal allergy.
  • She invented Lolcat language, although she first named it as Catonese, in 1957.
  • She likes disco, making her a friend of Mario.
  • She ramdomly and illegally eats Frosted Flakes, which cause her to go crazy and say weird things like "ogy" and "church".
  • She is an outspoken racist and yells the N-word whenever she sees a black person inside Hyrule Castle, much to the King's annoyance and Zelda's dismay.
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