More slender, more powerful, more projectile, more fuel-efficient...more dangerous.

The Improved Dinner Blaster is the second version of the Dinner Blaster, released in 2011. A third blaster will be released in 2015.


The food can be shot further, and multiple kinds of fuel can be shot to have a variety of deadlinesses. You can also see that it is easier to shoot and is lighter, and can contain more food. It is also made of recycled sniper rifles.


  • Improved Dinner Blaster + Mustard = Deadly. Deadly + The King = Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement + Hyrule = Homicide. Homicide + Spaghetti = Spaghetti Blaster. Get the picture?
  • It was capitalized by Billy Mays, but the science needed to make it was researched by Leonardo da Vinci and it was built by the King.
  • A similar version is featured in the game, but it looks like the original.
  • Similar to the Nuclear Dinner Blaster.
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