Luigi Industries
Industrial Luigi appears in an advertisement for Luigi Industries.
Vital statistics
Type Industry
Level 50
Location Hyrule
Inhabitants Industrial Luigi

Industrial Luigi is an Industrial form of Agricultural Luigi who likes industry.


Industrial Luigi was born in 2009, when agricultural luigi felt an urge to propel the mushroom kingdom into an age of technology and mass production. He created a bunch of factories across Hyrule that made Goomba toys which started an industrial revolution. King Harkinian banned this because he liked farmstuffs, but it was unbanned when I.M Meen blackmailed him with old nudes of the Kings. I.M Meen wanted an industrial revolution because he likes Goomba Toys.


Industrial Luigi really wants to build factories on the moon, but he can't because Moon Luigi says no.


Industrial Luigi was assassinated outside of Dome City School in Dome City in 2100. The shot was fired from the moon so people assume it was Moon Luigi that did it.

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