Insane Fiyah Mama Weegee
Insane Fiyah Mama Weegee
Vital statistics
Occupation Madman
Name Insane Fiyah Mama Weegee
Age 27
Appearances The King Destroys the World
Friends Dr. Robotnik, Mama Luigi, Idiotic Luigi, Stone Luigi, Forms, Anti-Harkinian
Enemies Brooklyn Mario, King Harkinian, pures, water
Hometown Brooklyn, New York City
Relatives N/A
Favorite Things Fiyah
Embodied Personalities Insane Fiyah Brooklyn Malleo
Insane Fiyah Mama Weegee is a form of Mama Luigi that goes crazy, when watched the Dic logo get scared then blames Brooklyn Mario for doing that. He can throw fireballs.


IFMW first appeared when Mama Luigi was angered by Brooklyn Mario's mockery. He nearly caused a planet to crash into Eluryh until King Harkinian saved it and all of Hyrule. He died with Mama Luigi in 2018, at the conclusion of the Form Wars. But then was revived as a cyborg by Dr. Robotnik.

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