Intelligent luigi

Intelligent Luigi looks a lot like Dr Luigi.

Intelligent Luigi is a Canadian form of Stone Luigi II who looks like Dr. Luigi. He likes to be intelligent, and he dislikes Dude, Where's My Unlawful Luigi?.


Intelligent Luigi was raped by Morshu, and nine months later Morshu gave birth to Intelligent Luigi. The government took Intelligent Luigi from Morshu and gave him to Agricultural Luigi because Morshu had a slavery problem. Intelligent Luigi once sued the makers of Dude, Where's My Unlawful Luigi? because they stole his life stories and put it inside of a moving movie.


Intelligent Luigi is an outspoken democrat and always votes for Richard Nixon every election. Though this doesn't work because:

  1. Intelligent Luigi lives in Canada.
  2. Nixon isn't running for president.
  3. Nixon is dead.
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