"Oh, f--k! It's Chris Bores!"

Chris Bores, better known as the Irate Gamer, is the most infamous of the many people who have ripped off the Angry Video Game Nerd. He is also an old friend and subsequent enemy of Morshu.


As a young man, Chris got a job as an intern on the second run of The Retarded Yoshi Show. Although the work was unpaid, he did get the opportunity to meet the show’s star, Morshu, who became something of a mentor to him. This was probably not for the best, however, as Morshu advised him to never give credit to anyone for any reason. Thus, when Chris became aware of the AVGN's success years later, he decided to reinvent himself as the "Irate Gamer" and make angry video game reviews of his own. This might not have been so bad if not for the fact that Chris didn't actually know anything about video games. He also resorted to plagiarizing many of the AVGN's jokes and quotes when he realized that he wasn't funny.

While IG got the attention he wanted, the vast majority of it came from people who hated him. He also made less money than he'd hoped off of his game reviews, so he supplemented his income by dabbling in criminal activities such as armed robbery. On one notable occasion, he held up a Ridl-Didl store, forcing those inside—namely, King Harkinian and Michael Rosen—to flee in an escape pod.

One day, Morshu, who had been accused of killing Ushrom, came to the Irate Gamer's house to hide out from law enforcement. IG was happy to let Morshu stay with him at first, but after Morshu pooped on his video game shelf and accidentally killed his entire family on purpose, he kicked him out. Sometime after that, Evil Morshu came looking for the original Morshu and ripped IG's head off. He died instantly.



This didn't end well for anyone.

  • He once joined a competitive gaming session between Gaston and Frollo, which ended when he got a game over in less than four seconds.
  • Game Dude impersonated him while working as Ronald McDonald's minion.


  • "Uhh, yeah, ya think?"
  • "Where’s the Halloween party?"
  • "Get the f--k off mah property!"
  • "Someone call 911, 'cause I was robbed!"
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