Jet11 (real name Tanny) is an addict crackhead manchild who loves to drown himself in lots of drugs, particulary crack. He also kept one of the amulets he stoled from Ronald McDonald for his own purpose.


Born by two Austrian immigrants in 1989, he has alot of problems when he was first born, including but not limited to: Literally ripping the flesh of his father's nose with his teeth when he was 2, bullied other children with torture mechanisms when he was 5, running from the law since he was 14, buying illegal drugs as well as speedball since he was 18, and countless others. Ever since being 6 months old, he has a huge obsession with crack and briefly snorting it, permanently becoming a crackhead for the rest of his life.

One day, he was snorting some crack in his parent's house where he starts to hallucinate, seeing that everything now is turned into a Super Mario Bros. world, with him being Mario, his parents are Goombas, his dog is a Koopa Troopa, his neighbor as Toad, and one Police Officier as Bowser, he goes

Jet11 on acid

Jet11 during an acid trip

around "stomping" Bowser's minions, where in reality, he just commited 4th degree murder and ran away from his home place like a crazy mad man, somehow ending up on a mysterious laboratory after the effect wears off.

While he was looking inside, he found something in the Machine room, a mysterious amulet, which  he secretly took off without warning and runs, forcing Ronald McDonald (in his Burger King disguise) to send both Game Dude and Uwe Boll to recover it. He eventually moved to Hyrule, where he somehow find a hotel room in Hyrule City and sleeps there until a robot version of him kidnapps him and took his place, the robot then starts to snort some crack, becoming addictive to it in no time.

4 Months has passed and Jet11 continues to smoke crack and crack and crack, until he got a visit by Link and his company, who are looking for the ancient Amulet, but he isn't standing here to smoke more crack, he starts fighting the elf before the effects of the crack kickstarts it, hallucinating some weird ass shit in his own eyes until he was knocked out and arrested to the Hyrule Police Station. Even with the help of Guptill89 and The Chris-Chan Movie to calm him down, he is STILL thinking about nothing but crack, until Silent Rob's true identity is revealed, trying to attack The King before getting destroyed. To this day, nobody knows what happened to the real one after his kidnapping.

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