Jon angry at Garfield.

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Jonathan Q. Arbuckle (1958–2004) is a cartoonist and writer of the comic strip Garfield Minus Garfield Plus King Harkinian, as well as other strips.



Jon and Garfield discuss Mario memes.


Just kidding. Jon Arbuckle was born to Anna and Jim Arbuckle in 1958 on a farm. He failed to make any friends and only had animals and outdated books to be with, becoming a dumb lowlife. Still, he managed to make enough money to buy a house, and in 1978 he bought Garfield the Cat. Soon after that, he found himself unable to make his house payments, so he had to take in a roommate named Lyman, as well as Lyman's dog Odie. Jon has been gaining weight ever since and has desperately tried to call many girls, but his yokelish personality (or maybe his lack of any personality) keeps driving them away. Many people think Jon murdered Lyman, which would explain Lyman's disappearance in 1983, but this has never been proven. His long lost cousin is I.M. Meen.



Don't even ask.

Stop wasting my time.

Actually, Jon is an idiot. Even after 35 years, he's having trouble getting used to city life, and always drives girls he likes (even the really ugly ones) away. He was such a loser that everyone hated him. He can't get the hint, and he can get really angry if someone does something wrong. He is also apathetic and can be unobservant. He also really likes disco, and he somehow remained unaware of its death for 14 years.

Yearbook Inscriptions



  • "Geek."
  • "Loser."
  • "Creep."
  • "Freak."
  • "Dork boy."
  • "You stink!"
  • "You must die!"
  • "F*** you!"

Saiyan Jon



Sometimes, Garfield will eat his plants, fish, dinner, or birds, causing Jon to go super Saiyan and destroy the house. Be careful with this form, as it can even kill Secret Weapon Luigi.

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