Joseph in the 60's.

Joseph Harkinian (1893–1976) is an uncle of King Harkinian and the father of Onkled and Eric Harkinian.


Joseph Harkinian was born on March 19, 1893 to Billy Bob Harkinian, the stupidest of all Hylian kings; unfortunately for him, he inherited his father's intelligence and possessed some mental disorders of his own. When Joseph was eight years old, Billy Bob was assassinated, so his older brother Hardy had to take care of him. When Joseph was a teenager, Hardy began neglecting him in favor of pursuing a film career. Craving attention, Joseph took massive amounts of drugs, but he was already so mentally unstable that no one really noticed, so he ran away to Karadoi and decided to research magic. He eventually became a hippie and created the Triforce of Peace. He became the king of Hyrule in 1967, after Leonard Harkinian died.


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