Katherine Harkinian is Scott's brother and an enemy of I.M. Meen; she also happens to be King Harkinian's youngest sister. She is an avid reader, but seems to have addiction to Mexican drugs.


Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye

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Katie Harkinian and her twin brother Scott Harkinian were born in 1966. Katie and Scott were the last children born to Clythia and Leonard Harkinian, who were the rulers of Hyrule at the time. Her father died when she was one year old, and her mother ran away when she was four. Her older brother John—the future King Harkinian—had grown to care about her, however, and he decided to raise her and her brother. This was the first real responsibility the King ever took on, and proved to be the first step in his maturation from a young, drug-addicted buffoon to an old, drug-addicted buffoon with lotsa power and influence.

After the King got married to his wife in 1976, he took the ten-year old Katie with him on their honeymoon to Koridai. While there, Katie and Scott ran away and wandered into the Meen Library, where I.M. Meen caught them and imprisoned them in his labyrinth. Katie escaped, but Meen captured her again, and she escaped again at the age of 110 in 2076. However, she died a year later along with her brother. While the King never found Katie or Scott, he did eventually learn that Meen was responsible for their disappearance, and he attacked Meen accordingly.



Katie in I.M. Meen.

Katie is an orange/brown-haired elf who wears a green shirt, a red headband, and a green skirt with orange stripes. To prevent the King from deducing her location, I.M. Meen forced the makers of his game to change her appearance, resulting in the Dora-like depiction seen to the right. Despite this, the real Katie still appears briefly in the first cutscene.

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