King Candy

King "Psycho" Candy is the twice removed cousin of I.M. Meen, and the former ruler of the Candy Kingdom. He has a long lost brother named Turbo, who he claims to be. He founded C.A.N.D.Y.


He was born to the long running Royal "Candy" family as Psycho Candy. He displayed psychopathic tendencies since birth. He murdered his parents Peter Candy and Kalley Candy at the age of 3, and took over the kingdom. Eventually, he was outsmarted by the more evil Vanellope Von Schweetz who took the throne. He escaped, and was pretending to be his brother Turbo to prevent execution. He made a deal with Dr. Robotnik to assasinate Duke Onkled and take over Gamelon. However, he failed, because Ganon was trying to do the same thing, but Ganon made a deal with Duke Onkled. Ganon killed him, but Gwonam revived him, mistakenly believing he was Ignatius. He went back to Candy Kingdom and brutally murdered Vanellope and took the throne. He also conveniently forgot about C.A.N.D.Y. and joined P.I.N.G.A.S.


He got greedy and tried to kill King Harkinian via Pingas Blaster. However, the Dinner Blaster was stronger, and King Harkinian prevailed.

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