Oah dah


"I'm the traitor! Now die!"
–Fari, just before killing King Harkinian

The first death of King Harkinian happened during the Form Wars.

The Death

Western Luigi and Shaved King snuck into Hyrule Castle on the morning of August 17, 2015, knowing that King Harkinian was alone inside with form sympathizer and co-conspirator Fari; Link, Zelda, Gwonam, and anyone else who would usually be around was off fighting in the war. Western Luigi revealed himself to the King, who moved to attack him, and at that moment, Fari attacked the monarch from behind, stabbing him dozens of times until he was dead, causing the birth of Fake King via instant fission, seperating it from its original body without being noticed. After the King's body had been hidden, Fari fled to Gamelon, where he sought sanctuary with his ally Duke Onkled, while Western Luigi escaped off-world and traveled to the United States. Meanwhile, Shaved King, who had grown a beard and moustache, remained in Hyrule Castle, where he posed as the real King Harkinian.



The King's revenge.

Due to Shaved King's impersonation, several months passed before anyone realized that the real King had been murdered. During this period, Shaved King subtly sabotaged the pures' war efforts; however, he ultimately blew his cover when he lost control of his urges and started trying to shave everyone, and the real King's body was found soon after that, while the fake one joined the war under the disguise of a necromancer to demostrate some of his magical powers before being shot by Western Luigi. Over 9,000 (not that many, really) Hylians mourned King Harkinian's death for a month, while Link was appointed to lead the country until his son, Harry Harkinian, came of age, since Zelda was barred from ruling due to her gender. The King's will also transferred ownership of his various businesses to Link, who almost immediately sold them all to Morshu for one million rupees–less than 0.4% of their actual value. King Harkinian eventually escaped from the pit and became a ghost, who took revenge on Fari by killing him. The King's body was preserved at the Hyrule Cryogenics Center until 2018, when it was used to revive the King in the form of a cyborg possessed by his ghost.

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