King Harkinian Head is a form of King Harkinian. He is a floating head (no surprise), and is the stepfather of Link Head. He is a weird, yet well-respected member of the Harkinian family.



King Harkinian Head was formed when Fat Mario and Gay Luigi flew through the King's neck in the process of warping through space. The King's head was knocked off and flew to Sparta, but remained attached to the King's body through quantum entanglement. Thus, the King survived long enough to get a new head, while the detached head became a new form of him. The head nearly died twice within minutes of its birth; upon its arrival in Sparta, King Leonidas kicked it into the pit, but Gwonam flew by and saved it. However, Gwonam was infected with the Weegee virus, and the head became infected as well. Luckily, Gay Luigi collided with them and cured them by knocking Weegee's face off.

Link the Murderer

The King later tried to frame Link for killing him by leaving King Harkinian Head atop a replica of his body filled with fake blood. He instructed King Head to say "Mah Boi" until Link got annoyed and "killed" King Head by attacking the fake body. The scheme worked; Link seemingly decapitated the fake King, he went to prison, and the real King subsequently faked his resurrection via Water of Life.


  • He fires his lazar whenever he belches.
  • The King often gets "head" from him. O_o
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