Knil (7891–7918) is an evil clone of Link that was sent back in time to go and kill King Harkinian.

Origins and Life

Knil was created by Picnic Floda in the year 7891 as a clone of Link and was the second most-skilled member of Picnic Floda behind Ihsoy. His goal was to go back and kill many Koridians. He ended up getting an error, causing his kooky color scheme. Oiram ordered him to kill King Harkinian to prevent the King from starting a nuclear war, though in reality Oiram just wanted the King killed for the hell of it. Knil was actually successful in his mission, but then he found out that Malleo would start the nuclear war 3,600 years later. Finding this out, he went into exile in 7894 and he committed suicide in 7918.

"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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