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In 1880,the Kool Aid man was eating dinner in his bedroom and was thinking about weed, he went online and decided to look for popular places that sell weed, he found none so he decided to make his own pub in his secret room where he would kill people.However no one came to visit his pub at first so he started to force random strangers on the street to come to his pub, if they decline they die.


The Kool Drugs is a pub owner by the Kool Aid Man which as illegal drugs inside,this is where Robotnik gets his weed from,The King has banned this place multiple times though they keep relocating and changing the identity of the pub.In 2020,Kool Aid man tried attacking The King with gore(which looked like Kool Aid juice) Currently the Kool Aid Man is in jail,but he will be released in 69 years.

Criminal Record

  • In 1919 Kool Drugs Started Selling Cocaine and weed for cum.
  • the Kool Aid man tried to rape Zelda
  • In 2011,Kool Drugs start advertising drunk driving
  • The Kool Aid Man has been to prison 169 times.
  • In 1942, Kool Drugs got shutdown for impersonating the king
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