King Koopa Scoopa

As it turns out, the food there is almost 100% shipt.

Kooptucky Fried Chicadactyl is a restaurant owned by King Koopa. It is found only in Dinosaur World, as food safety laws have resulted in it being illegalized almost everywhere else.


In the year 1991, King Koopa decided to capitalize off of the cave people's stupidity by making addictive egg and chicken hamburgers. But these hamburgers slowly began to mutate people, including Mama Luigi and Yoshkins, into humanoid chickens. King Harkinian went there in 1992 and soon became addicted to their breakfast specials. Luckily, he managed to take medications that kept him from fully mutating, supplied to him with Koopa's money in a 1993 lawsuit.

Stuff Sold There


  • It is most commonly called "Koopa Scoopa Burger."
  • Gwonam was sued for stealing Koopa's idea.
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