Koridai in 2005.

Koridai is an island and subcontinent on Eluryh that is a province of Hyrule and an enemy of Gamelon. It has roughly 40 million inhabitants.


Koridai was first inhabited by the Kuru-Tee tribal people around the year 7000 BC. Their native language was Skeeala. Eventually, rogue Koridonians traveled there and started a small civilization that eventually grew to encompass all of Koridai and was renamed "Koridai" after the native tribals. Eventually, Koridai became independent from Koridon, but its independence was short-lived, since Hyrule took it over in 1505.

Koridai regained its sovereignty in 1816, when the Koridians had enough rupees to bribe them into independence and accepted the rule of the Slikk Dynasty. Even though Koridai eventually became wealthier than any of the Hylian states, corruption dominated much of its early government, so in 1907, the Slikks were thrown out and the Koridian constitution was established. Soon, with the help of Koridon, Koridai became a technologically advanced nation. Its economy grew even more as Morshu established his family's business there in the 1960s and 1970s, but this prosperity was not to last.

In 1989, the Baker melted all the rupees in Koridai, causing the Hylian Market Crash. The entire Koridian economy was destroyed as a result, and in the following year, they agreed to be annexed by Hyrule. In 1993, the island was seized by Ganon and his minions, who destroyed much of its infrastructure and military in the process. Koridai was soon freed due to the efforts of Link and Gwonam and was taken over by Hyrule once again. During the Poopocalypse of 2019, Koridai suffered relatively little damage from troll attacks, thanks to the efforts of Squad Allah and Morshu.


The economy is a free-market, poorly-moving economy. Koridai once boasted numerous trade centers, including the port city of Yumustdai, but most of these collapsed during the Hylian Market Crash and never fully recovered. It relies mostly on coal, bombs, and oil, usually the kind used in lamps. It is also a popular destination for tourists from the rest of Hyrule, especially bird enthusiasts. Morshu is currently the country's treasurer, and its trade partners are Gamelon, Koridon, and Gomalan.


Koridai was the first nation in Hyrule to have a legislative government, and is very democratic. Its president is Nonag al-Fari and it has a strong constitution.



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