The Kuru-Tee people were the original inhabitants of Koridai. They lived in Koridai in the Neolithic era and developed the earliest organized culture in Koridai.


Origins (9001 BC - 6000 BC)

Before 9000 BC, there were two tribes: the Kuru of Koridon and the Tee of Gomalan. They eventually migrated to follow octorok migrations and wound up in Koridai. They began to interbreed to develop a culture, and by 6000 BC there were more Kuru-Tee than the Kuru or the Tee. 

Neolithic Era (6000 BC - 3000 BC)



Around 5000 BC, they learned to farm and began to worship special idols. They developed a writing system that is still used today, and developed the official Koridaian robe. They began to build primitive cities like Gaenian and Biyuerdas.

Peak of Power (3000 BC - 2000 BC)

Around 3000 BC, the Kuru-Tee had an organized government, over sixty cities, and advanced waterways between cities for convenient travel. They were some of the most prosperous peoples in early Hyrule, and even the poor lived happy, healthy lives.

Post-Climactic Era (2000 BC - 500 BC)

However, around 2000 BC, the Kuru-Tee began to see a decline in culture and wealth. Many Koridaians call this "The Era of Great Sadness". However, the nobles still seemed to do very well, and many philosophies grew in popularity.

Last Centuries (500 BC - 250 AD)

The life of the Kuru-Tee got even worse at the end. Even the kings were beginning to become unwealthy, and their authority began to shrink. They even began to lose their counting system and calendar, and then their civilization collapsed due to other early civilizations in Koridai invading them.

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