Alma Harkinian
Lady Alma waves at nothing.
Vital statistics
Occupation Viewer of herself
Name Alma Harkinian
Age 31 years (at death)
Appearances Zelda: Wand of Gamelon, YouTube Poop.
Friends Nobody
Enemies Zelda, Link
Hometown Modomai, Gamelon
Relatives Onkled Harkinian (father) Gana Wutcerface (mother) Balka (son)
Favorite Things Mirrors, herself
Embodied Personalities None.

Alma Harkinian (1977–2008) is the daughter of Duke Onkled and Gana. She can often be found hanging out with Zelda, most of the time looking at herself.

Relations to Other Characters


Lady Alma and Zelda were best friends until Alma acted apathetic about Link shortly after the 1993 liberation of Gamelon, provoking Zelda into throwing Alma's mirror into a wall and breaking it. The two never spoke to each other again and would often fight each other, trying to subtly kill each other.


Lady Alma once kissed Link, much to his dislike, so he stole her canteen in revenge and went home.

Duke Onkled

Lady Alma doesn't like Duke Onkled, but she enjoys the privilege she gets from being related to him.


What happens when Zelda is more aggressive than usual.

Finally, in 2008, Zelda killed her using smoke bombs and a Smart Sword. It is not known what Zelda's motivations for this particular attack were, but it may have had something to do with Alma saying "he was a bore anyway" when Zelda asked what happened to SwishFilmsinc. Lady Alma had a short funeral, and Duke Onkled decided to adopt a new kid.


Lady Alma reveals her deformed fingers.

  • Her favorite animal is the boar.
  • She looks somewhat similar to Queen Harkinian, making it possible that Duke Onkled is the king's brother-in-law.
  • She seems to have a child with the Baker.
  • She is a whore, but she doesn't confess.


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