Larry is once again imprisoned!

Larrynx "Larry" Harkinian is an older cousin of King John Harkinian and the youngest child of Hardy Harkinian and Laura Tillendin.


Larrynx Tillendin-Harkinian was born on April 6, 1951 in Yumustdai, Koridai, near Hardy Harkinian’s home in Poopywood. His father died when he was about ten years old, and he spent much of his teenage years in the royal court at Hyrule Castle. For a time, he was John Harkinian’s best friend, and they smoked many drugs and caused much destruction together. By the time of John’s coronation in the 70’s, Larry had followed his parents’ footsteps into the Hylian entertainment industry. He began experimenting with rap music, and is considered by most to have introduced the genre to Hyrule. However, he made enemies in Morshu and Dr. Robotnik by drawing many fans away from Pingas MMMMusic. Morshu blamed Larry for the subsequent downfall of his musical career, and eventually got his revenge by framing him for the murder of Green Boshi. Larry was arrested and sent to jail, where he remained until escaping during the chaotic final months of the Form Wars.


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