League of Fire Flag

The emblem/flag/logo/whatever.

The League of Fire is a big organization where everyone likes fire. It is run by Fire Sumo and has headquarters in Pyroville, Australia.


The League of Fire was founded in 1902 with one goal in mind: setting the entire continent of Antarctica on fire! However, the idea was extremely ridiculous–nobody had even gone to Antarctica yet–so they became angry and started doing terrorist stuff. They burned some houses, and the Hylian Bureau of Dinnervestigation was founded to try and stop it. However, it barely even slowed the LOF down, and by 1945 it had over 9,000 members. However, most people who tried setting Antarctica on fire obviously failed, and they gave up in 2029 and accepted arrest.

Headquarters and Bases

  • Pyroville, Australia
  • Burnsland, Mongolia
  • Firetown, Chile
  • Firepun City, Eritrea

Famous Members

Rejected Members

These people were either rejected from joining or were banned:

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