Leonard Harkinian around the time of King Harkinian's birth.

Leonard Harkinian (1891–1967) is the third son of Billy Bob Harkinian and the biological father of King John Harkinian.


When Leonard Harkinian a baby, Dr. Rabbit scared him so much that his face aged prematurely, and his father disowned and exiled him due to his ugliness. Luckily, his older brother Hardy invited him back to Hyrule after Billy Bob's death. However, he later got himself kicked out of the royal family again by having an affair with King Harold Harkinian's wife Clythia, impregnating her with the future King Harkinian. He returned again to become the new king after Harold and Hardy died, reigning with Clythia as his queen from 1963 until his own death in 1967.


According to an urban legend, Leonard's hideous appearance inspired his father to write the famous story of the Ugly Barnacle. However, this is highly unlikely to be true for two reasons. First, Billy Bob Harkinian was illiterate, and there is no proof that he ever successfully wrote or read anything in his life. Second, Billy Bob Harkinian wasn't even aware of the existence of water, let alone that of oceans or sea creatures such as barnacles.

"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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