Link Gets Cancer
Season Walrus Guy, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date Before October 2, 2008
Written by Walrus Guy
Directed by Walrus Guy
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<none> Link Gets a Job at Gwonam's so he can Buy a PS3

Link Gets Cancer is a YouTube Poop created by Walrus Guy. It was reuploaded by WalrusGuyPie in 2008.


Link complains about the pain of urinating, and Impa reveals to Zelda that Link has prostate cancer.
Youtube Poop - Link Gets Cancer-0

Youtube Poop - Link Gets Cancer-0


Link is complaining about how it burns when he pees, and Zelda responds, "What?" Link repeats, and Zelda asks Impa for a diagnosis. Impa reveals that Link has prostate cancer, much to the fright of Zelda. However, Link is not concerned; in fact, he's happy. As the news gets worse and worse, Link gets less enthusiastic, and when Impa says Link is going to die, he ends up angry. King Harkinian goes to find the only cure: Belgian Waffles. Then fairies give Link the waffles, and Link is cured. When Link returns to find King Harkinian is ready to get a prostate exam, and Link gets ready to give him one.

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