Lizard Man
Lizard Man 2
Lizard Man is suicidal
Vital statistics
Occupation King Harkinian's sex slave
Name Lizard Man
Age 52
Appearances He-Man, King Harkinian's sex tape
Friends Billy Gays, Adolf Hitler, Gay Hitler, Jew Yoshi, Western Luigi, Illegal Mario, Falle, Faylle, Bill Gates, Unlawful Luigi, Tacyppah, Yddub Iznob.
Enemies Happycat, Bonzi Buddy, King Harkinian, You.
Hometown Hell
Relatives Tinky-Winky (father, deceased), Your Mom (wife), Lizard Hitler (adopted son)
Favorite Things Being retarded
Embodied Personalities None known.

Lizard Man was King Harkinian's sex slave.


Lizard Man was born in 1963 and was raised to be evil. In 1970, the Hyrulian royal family caught him and made him a sex slave. He tried (and failed) to escape from Hyrule Castle in 1980. In 1981, he killed his father for no reason. In 2015, he was brainwashed by Simon Templar. In 2016, Lizard Man killed 5 million Jews for no reason, and then tried to run for president, but lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton. After the war ended in 2018, he adopted a son. In 6866, he revived Billy Mays for no reason whatsoever. In 7891, he committed suicide.


Lizard Man 6 homage to Classic Lizard Man

Lizard Man in 7375.

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