That is actually the name of the show. I'm not kidding.

LoliRock is a "Anime" kids show for girls made in France. The plot was already heard a million times before, a group of girls has to stop an evil bad guy who wants to take over the world by sending his minions to create a giant monster of a week creature to destroy them, is nothing special, but what catches everyone's eyes is the show's name, which attracts neckbeared pedophiles by making lewds of the characters. Link secretly loves this show.


It all started by a French pedo named Jean-Louis Vandestoc, who wanted to make his own Magical Show for years, and after working with other French shows nobody in America remembers, he started working on it with inspirations from Sailor Moon and Jem and the Holograms (thank god not the horrible live-action movie) and the show was aired in 2014.

Link's relationship with the show started after The King was murdered in 2015 while he was watching TV to erase the traumatizing moment he witness on-screen. When he watched the first episode of the show (the one where the main protagonist transforms for the first time), he thought it was just a "stupid show for Zelda", but being stupid himself, he ends up liking it and became a fan of it, but he has to kept it secret to avoid anyone finding out.


  • Iris
  • Talia
  • Grown-up Lip. I mean Auriana
  • The edgy twins
  • Gramorr (what an original name)
  • Iris' love interest (which i couldn't bothered to find out his name)
  • Green and Purple girls that joins the main in Season 2
  • Black Monsters


  • There are rumors of a unaired episode called "Talia's Suicide.avi", however, it was quickly shot down by the creator himself. Link isn't aware of this at all.
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