The primary culprit of the famine.

In the early 1990s, a catastrophic famine occurred in Dinosaur World due to the actions of Agricultural Luigi and Yoshkins. This disaster is now known as Luigi's Famine.


The cavemen of Dinosaur World retained a primitive lifestyle into relatively recent times, having almost no knowledge of technology or agriculture when Dic Entertainment decided to make their adaptation of Super Mario World there in 1991. Dic sent Brooklyn Mario and Mama Luigi there as cast members, and Mama Luigi, as usual, soon began doing and experiencing things that caused new forms of him to appear. Among them was Agricultural Luigi.

Ag Luigi decided he could improve the cave people's lives by showing them how to farm things like pebble peas, stone squash, weed, pebble peas, cave cabbage, pebble peas, and, of course, pebble peas. (Did I mention pebble peas?) He began plowing fields, planting seeds, and watering the potential crops while trying to teach the cave people to repeat his methods. In spite of the stupidity of the cave people and the fact that Yoshkins's attempts to help only caused damage, Luigi's scheme seemed to be working. However, this made Luigi overconfident, so he idiotically told the cavemen not to bother gathering any wild food for winter like they usually would.

The Famine

King Koopa and his minions soon stole all of the crops, but Ag Luigi and Brooklyn Mario defeated them and took the crops back, only for Yoshkins to eat all the crops later. By this time, winter was too near for new crops to be grown or for the cavemen to collect enough food on their own. Cavemen soon started starving to death, so Brooklyn Mario, Mama Luigi and his forms, and the rest of the Dic crew fled Dinosaur World and returned to Earth as quickly as they could. The famine worsened until winter ended several months into 1992; by then, at least half a million cavemen were dead.


The negative attention Dic received for its role in the famine was one reason for its cancellation of Super Mario World and its firing of Brooklyn Mario, Mama Luigi, and the other Luigis. The people of Dinosaur World, not understanding the concept of forms, initially blamed the disaster on the original Luigi and declared war on the Mushroom Kingdom. In turn, the Mushroom Kingdom attacked Dinosaur World and began destroying the country further until the government of Yoshi Island intervened. After that, the cavemen more specifically attributed the famine to Agricultural Luigi's incompetence, causing them to side with the pure alliance during the Form Wars and oppose the Mama Luigi Army, of which Agricultural Luigi was a member.

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