Lunk is a clone of Link created in 1990. He is the founder and eternal leader of the Lunknar Uunutela, the inventor of the Lunkish language, and also served as the head of the Communazist Party of Hyrule for a time.


Very similar to Link, but with a lower, single monobrow and smaller eyes. He also has a flat mouth.


Lunk is very dumb. He's so dumb that he doesn't know how to talk. He is also a porn addict, and once had an affair with Shrek. Quite logically, this resulted in the birth of Sherk.

Feud with Link

He seems to really hate Link for being more popular, stronger, and even more intelligent than him (Link is dumb, Lunk is dumber). He also tries to sue Lunk using Blue-Haired Lawyer to sue him, but Phoenix Wright keeps winning. He once even tried to kill Link, but ended up commiting suicide instead. He is now Ghost Lunk.

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