Is this some kind of joke?

The Lunknar Uunutela (Lunkish for Friends and Minions of Lunk) is a political, paramilitary, and occasional terroristic organization found mainly in Hyrule. Its founder and eternal leader is Lunk, although other individuals have been in charge of the group since Lunk died.


The Lunknar Uunutela have officially endorsed the Republican Party in every American presidential campaign since the 90's. Naked Squidbob Tentapants, who is a member of the Lunknar Uunutela, once said "It is our responsibility to ensure that our children receive a world-class education that maximizes their potential. Quality education is essential to achieving the American Dream. The Republican Party believes that every child should have an equal opportunity to get a great education—regardless of their zip code or their parents’ income. We support school choice programs that allow students to escape failing schools that raise the standard of education excellence through competition. The Republican Party believes education reform is critical to the equal opportunity of every young American."


Most members of the Lunknar Uunutela are strange forms who aren't really accepted anywhere else. As such, the group was one of the factions that fought against the pure armies during the Form Wars.

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