Master Bison

This is delicious!

Master Bison (born 1895) is a rich man who hates the Street Fighters. His arse is the scariest, ugliest known face ever. He and King Harkinian are on friendly terms, and he often provides the King with instructions on how to walk to Gamelon. Despite this, he once tried forcing the King to eat dust, and the King defeated him with the Triforce of Courage.


Bison Says YES NO

Bison Says YES NO

Bison is an idiot.

  • "Yes! Yes!"
  • "Say! Say!"
  • "This is delicious!"
  • "You aren't going Turbo, are you?"
  • "Don't be tasty!"
  • "Not until I see those Street Fighters pummeled to dust!"
  • "It should be any moment now."

Health Issues

Bison usually insists on doing nothing until he sees the Street Fighters beaten. This includes eating and drinking; as a result, he suffers from chronic malnutrition and dehydration. He also has some kind of condition similar to whatever Dr. Robotnik has, which causes the colors of his pupils and the rest of his eyes to be inverted.


YTP Bison and the King do Battle

YTP Bison and the King do Battle

Dust is delicious!

  • His grandson is Master Bates (1957–). He also adopted Mario Bison.
  • He can cure the mute by saying "yes" backwards.
  • He writes about food for the Hyrule Herald, in which he endorsed King Harkinian's burger stand.
  • He has a form called Bison, a literal bison who wears a replica of his hat and recites his quotes in a deep voice.
  • He once tried to buy sex toys and drugs from Morshu, only to realize that Morshu was playing a prank on him. He's held a grudge against Morshu ever since.
  • He has planted hidden cameras around Hyrule Castle in hopes of recording a sex tape starring Link and Zelda. These efforts have been unsuccessful so far.
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