Master Bison

This is delicious!

Master Bison (1895–) is a rich man who hates the Street Fighters. His arse is the scariest, ugliest known face ever.


Bison Says YES NO

Bison Says YES NO

Bison is an idiot.

  • "Yes! Yes!"
  • "Say! Say!"
  • "This is delicious!"
  • "You aren't going Turbo, are you?"
  • "Don't be tasty!"
  • "Not until I see those Street Fighters pummeled to dust!"
  • "It should be any moment now."


YTP Bison and the King do Battle

YTP Bison and the King do Battle

Dust is delicious!

  • His grandson is Master Bates (1957–). He also adopted Mario Bison.
  • He can cure the mute by saying "yes" backwards.
  • He once tried to make King Harkinian eat dust, but the King defeated him with the Triforce of Courage.
  • He writes about food for the Hyrule Herald, in which he endorsed King Harkinian's burger stand.
  • He has a form called Bison, a literal bison who wears a replica of his hat and recites his quotes in a deep voice.
  • He does nothing until he sees the Street Fighters beaten. This eventually caused him to die of dehydration.
  • He once tried to buy sex toys and drugs from Morshu, only to realize that Morshu was playing a prank on him. He's held a grudge against Morshu ever since.
  • He has planted hidden cameras in Hyrule Castle in hopes of recording a sex tape starring Link and Zelda. These efforts have been unsuccessful so far.
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