A package of some of the finest magic drugs available.

Magic drugs are weird things that one ingests, sniffs, or injects into their body to alter their body functions. They end up making your body do weird things. There are four different types of drugs that you should know about.




This is what you might look like when you use Magic Drugs.

Magic Drug

A crazy magic drug.

These are the safest kind. You just go to a pharmacy and buy them. You don't even need a perscription. However, if you take way too many of them, you might begin to feel sick. This includes cough drops, vitamin pills, and even sodas.


Youtube Poop The King Has Drug Problems

Youtube Poop The King Has Drug Problems

The King really should know better.

These you have to be more careful about. You go to a hospital or pharmacy, and then you need a prescription - like a doctor's note - to get these. Once you empty of them, you just buy them again to cure yourself of disease. This includes most medicines. Recently, weed jumped from the crazy drug category to this one, but it's still a crazy drug. Some dems are just stupid.


This is the kind that most people think of when they think about magic drugs. These are illegal or should be illegal. These do more harm than help, and some can cause drug trips or altered emotions. This includes stuff with LSD and cocaine. Don't do them, or else you will die. He-Man is the top supplier of these kind of drugs in Hyrule, with Duke Onkled being a distant second. These also include octoroks, weed, and crack cocaine.

Public Opinion

Drugs Bunny's Parental Guidance System

Drugs Bunny's Parental Guidance System

Being weird is just part of being weird.

According to He-Man, drugs make your problems go away, although television censors forced him to say otherwise. He is wrong, of course. Starting in 1989, He-Man sold drugs in Hyrule, but in 2006, sales started to decline because Magic Drugs were making some Hylians crazy. However, any attempts by Hylian lawmakers to ban or regulate drug use were thwarted by King Harkinian.

In 1990, a group of people who opposed drug use, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Alf, and Garfield, teamed up to prevent children from abusing drugs. Fat Mario even joined them later. Unfortunately, they failed utterly, on many occasions actually making the kids' attitudes worse, and eventually gave up and disbanded.

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