Hyrulean propaganda in 1994.

In 1993, the king told Link that peace was all true warriors strive for, and he addressed him as Mah Boi . It was a meme by 2007.


"Mah boi" generically means "my boy," only in a thick accent. However, it can also mean the king's dinner men, as well as meaning the chariot rider of the underworld. It can finally mean someone who looks like Spock.


Some people take it quite seriously.

"Mah boi" originates from the Hylian word "mebe" which means "child." It later evolved into maboe, and then became Mah Boi.


  • "Mah boi!"
  • Mah Bwai
  • "Mi boi!"
  • "Meh boy!"
  • "Mei bouy!"
  • "My boy!"
  • "Mai boey!"
  • "Mah gahl!"
  • "Mah gorl!"
  • "Mah mahn!"
  • "Mah whumahn!"

People are often confused about mah boi.

  • "Mah trahnsvestahte!"
  • "Mah hahmaphrodahte!"
  • "Mah trahnsseksuahl!"
  • "Mah pahnsshekshual"
  • "Mah eunech"
  • "Mah kidd!"
  • "Mah mawm!"
  • "Mah dahd!"
  • "Mah brawthah!"
  • "Mah seestah!"
  • "Mah cawseen!"
  • "Mah tween!"

A particularly dank application of the phrase.

  • "Mah baehbi"
  • "Mah grahempha"
  • "Mah dahg"
  • "Mah individhual"
  • "Mah khing"
  • "Mah mahstah"
  • "Mah dihna"
  • "Mah teechah"
  • "Mah fingah"
  • "Mah führah"
  • "Mah womahn"
  • "Mah womyhn"
  • "Mah ahss"
  • "Mah ahssholeh"
  • "Mah dieckh"
  • "Mah pehniech"

More propaganda.

  • "Mah bhietch"
  • "Mah Hhoh"
  • "Mah wheedh"
  • "Mah mohneh"
  • "Mah shwahg"
  • "Mah maeht"
  • "Mah Dihnner"
  • "Mah Lunsch"
  • "Mah Thaing"
  • "Mah Favoe"
  • "Mah Murshoo"


Most claim King Harkinian is said to have his finger already up and his face at the camera when he said this, but he was still removing his goblet when he said it.

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The King Teaches Link to Say "My Boy"

My boy!

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