Dinner Laser

Mah Boi laser.

The Mah Boi Laser is a giant space weapon controlled by King Harkinian, usually floating in orbit around Eluryh.


The Mah Boi Laser is shaped like Harkinian's head and can shoot a laser out of its "mouth". It can be accessed via a computer, or can be summoned by Cyborg King. It has the power to slice through land and kill people like Link. Unfortunately, it is very glitchy and may short out when left on for too long.


The Mah Boi Laser was first built and launched by Hyrule in the 1990s in an attempt to discourage Ganon from invading again. It was not actually used until 2007, when King Harkinian went crazy and tried to kill Link. However, a few seconds after it was turned on, the laser malfunctioned and imploded. Hylians tried to rebuild the weapon during the Form Wars, but constant sabotage by form spies slowed things down severely. It was finally finished in 2018, featuring improvements and upgrades like a wireless connection to Cyborg King's brain. Evil Link later destroyed it and used parts from it in the Oh Boi Laser.

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