Mah Boi Online

Basically This

Mah Boi Online was a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game developed by King Harkinian. After the King watched Sword Art Online, the King decided to plagiarise and so he created Mah Boi Online and trapped all the players in the game, making it so if they are banished to the pit in the game, they get banished in real life.

The King had one goal in mind, to become the hero and save everyone in the game without them knowing he's the one who trapped them. However, King Harkinian's old enemy Bill Clinton ended up stealing the role as Hero of the game from King Harkinian and forced the villain role upon the King. In his rage, the King fought Bill Clinton and lost. In even more rage, the King shut down the game and sent everyone back to the real world. In 2016, it was succeeded by MMMM Online created by King Harkinian's friend Morshu.

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