MamaLuigi22 is a Fakegee (imperfect clone of Weegee), and an ally of Weegee. He is considered the most edgy being in existence. Not the most evil, but the most edgy. He lived since 1989, and finally died at 999,999,999,999,998 AD. He then, along with various others, were brought to the new universe after Weegee's death. He doesn't get along with many people, and only has a few friends.


His personality is hard to explain. There are two key aspects, the sane MamaLuigi22, and the insane MamaLuigi22 (who is only around 1% of his life). The insane MamaLuigi22 has no moral limits, and is basically blind to morality. But when he is sane, he is like classic Squidward, with an over the top Shadow the Hedgehog edge. He is grumpy, self centered, egotistical, yet still cares about his friends deep down, and will even show bravery to help them.


MamaLuigi22 is smart. He isn't as smart as someone like Sandy Cheeks, but he is as smart as someone like Squidward Tentacles. His I.Q. Is over 9,000.

Criminal Record:

  • Theft
  • Murder
  • Littering
  • being too arrogant to follow proper safety precautions on the road
  • Getting into a bar fight drunk
  • Sneaking into a concert
  • Looking suspicious by a police officer (he actually didn't do anything, he was just so edgy that the cop thought he was doing something bad)


Unlike Mama Luigi, he is 0% gay. He is 50% straight, and 50% asexual.


  • Boi: Freegee
  • Gorl: PapaDaisy22
  • Dinner: Bacon Cheeseburgers (just bacon, cheese, meat, and buns)
  • Game: Super Mario World
  • TV Show: Classic SpongeBob
  • Movie: The Spongebob Squarpants Movie
  • TV Character: classic Squidward
  • Band: Unknown


  • He likes King Harkinian, but he doesn't tell Weegee.
  • Unlike Malleo and Weegee, he cares about the concept of right and wrong, and sometimes thinks they go too far.
  • He is a war veteran
  • He is an admitted geek. He likes gaming, comics, cumputers, and other things of the sort (he does hate math and other subjects though)
  • He apparently has some form of a past with Bill Cipher, although this may just be one of the many lies of Bill. MamaLuigi22 has made no comment on this so far.
  • He is a critic, and is the harshest one of them all.
  • Like Weegee, he cannot die of natural causes, but he can be killed by unnatural methods
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