Mama Weegee

Mama Weegee.

Mama Weegee is a form of Weegee who is very stupid and dresses like Mama Luigi. He looks similar to Idiotic Luigi, but is more aggressive and violent.


300 million years ago, Weegee ate some powdered cheese, something he is allergic to. This caused him to switch on and off from Weegee to Mama Weegee. He only appears once every 900 years for about 8.2 minutes, making him only five years old. He now lives in the Dong Thap province of Vietnam. He will next appear in 2748.



Mama Weegee trying to want to attempt to consider thinking.

He is very stupid, even when compared to Patrick Star as a child. However, once every three million years, he comes up with a somewhat clever plan to kill somebody, such as baiting or creating a Zeez Gun. Most of the time, though, he can be outsmarted by a paramecium.

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