Mario Harkinian (born 1944) is a son of Clythia and Harold Harkinian and a very strange brother of King Harkinian. Luigi Harkinian is his adopted son. He looks much like Mario, even though as a Harkinian his relation to Mario is extremely distant. He was kidnapped by wild Gay Luigi clones during an expedition to Gamelai, but nobody cared enough to try to rescue him, so it is assumed that he is still lost there to this day.


Mario Harkinian has an interest in his family's obscure and poorly-documented ancient history and has uncovered much information that had once been forgotten, including their relationship with the Mario family. He is also a conspiracy theorist and is convinced that the Triforces, among many other things–particularly the fact that he was born on the exact same day as the other Mario–prove the existence of the Illuminati.

"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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