Mario Head
Vital statistics
Occupation Overlord
Name Mario Head
Age 21
Appearances Mario Teaches Typing, Super Mario 64
Friends Luigi
Enemies Rolf, Gwonam, Morshu
Hometown Mario's Tunnel of Doom
Relatives Unknown
Favorite Things Tunnel of Doom, Computers, Eating things, Flying for you, Falling rocks.
Embodied Personalities None
Mario 64 Head

The "new" Mario Head in Super Mario 64.

"Hmmmmmmmmm? Oh! Nice computer you got here! Can I have it?"

Mario Head is the floating disembodied head of Mario. He tends to eat a lot of things that make him hyper. He has the ability to divide by zero, allowing him to rewind time and erase certain events from the timeline.

Stuff He's Eaten


Mario Head Doesn't Drink

Mario Head Doesn't Drink

Mario want drinky NOW!

After Mario died in the future, Luigi tried decapitating Mario and sending his severed head back to 1996, but a glitch made the head come to life and the body to grow a new head. The head then began to teach typing.

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"The Evil Head will hear you... if that happens... it will start singing!"
-Rolf about Mario Head

"Watch out for falling rocks!"
-Mario Head

-Mario Head


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