Mario's kooky family.

The Mario family is a long family dating back very far. Let's take a look.


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The ugly barnacle! :O

Mhar is the last common ancestor between Mario and King Harkinian. A caveman who lived in Dinosaur World around 30,000 BC, he was more resemblant of the King.


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A distant ancestor on Mario's mother's side of the family. Also a close relative of Weegee and Malleo, he is most likely the source of many of Mario's abilities.

Mario Polo

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A statue of Mario Polo and his brother.

Mario Polo lived during Medieval Times and invented indoor plumbing in Europe. He also invented spaghetti and the toaster.

Guiseppe Video

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Ruigario was a mentally unstable drug addict who would constantly attack his sons Mario and Luigi. As a young man, he moved to the United States, where immigration workers changed his last name from "Mario" to "Video" for some reason.

Mia Video


Mario's mama.

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Not to be confused with Mama Luigi. She was a loudmouth and was a lousy mother.

Mario Video

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Mama mario

Mario was raised by his grandpa Buccio Mario. In 1996, Luigi nearly assassinated him, but his beheaded head became Mario Head, while the body grew a new head.

Luigi Video II

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Super Luigi

Super Luigi, the best-known form.

A cowardly boi. However, he is married to Daisy and adopted Yoshi. He is the source of many memes.

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