Mays Billy, old

Mays Billy, ready for the apocalypse.

Mays Billy is the most evil thing in the universe that ever existed. He is 80 billion years old and lives in the Velsoje Die universe, at least until 2019. He's way more evil than Ultimate Weegee, Daisy, and Fari combined and cubed.


Mays Billy

Mays Billy at age 7.

Mays Billy was born to Moleculus Pun and Vincenta Fawful about 80 billion years ago on January -1. Mays Billy got hold of weed at age 8, and became an evil being. In 2019, he and his troll army will invade the universe. Only I.M. Meen will be able to stop him.


  • "I'm eating your mom in the shower!"
  • "We all make stake knives!"
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