CD-I Meanwhile In The King Castle

CD-I Meanwhile In The King Castle

"Meanwhile in The King Castle" is a video where King Harkinian ends up in a refrigerator and dances to "Take on Me" and gets chased by the Malleo Brothers.


Zelda: Father!

King Harkinian: Oah! Hmm...

Gay Luigi: Spaghetti!

Morshu: MMMM...

Link (talking to Smith): Your face, your ass. What's the difference?

(drops Smith, shoots him)

King: Hao!

[enters refridgerater, Fridge Link greets him; the two dance to Take on Me]

[Malleo and Weegee enter; Weegee has a wrench]

[Link and the king find a dead end; he pushes the wall aside and reenters Hyrule Castle]

King: Hao!

[lands on table]

Fat Mario (Italian accent): Woah!

Morshu: MMM!

octorok chirps]

Zelda: Father, what happens to you?

King; Mmm, so there is life after death.

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