Michael Wayne Rosen (born 1946) is a British-Hylian author, poet, and associate of King Harkinian, sometimes against his will. He is also the owner and founder of the Ridl-Didl convenience store chain. He has a clone/lookalike/form called Harrybo, who happens to be a crime lord, and Michael is often mistaken for him and arrested for his crimes.

Health Issues

Michael has been senile for many years now, and often forgets where he is and what he’s doing. For example, he frequently decides to go to Hyrule for a vacation, despite the fact that he already lives there. Until 2015, he thought King Harkinian was the ruler of the United Kingdom. He also has a serious phobia of dogs, which he claims is the result of him getting attacked by a furry on his fourth birthday. However, this story’s accuracy is in question, as Michael also claims he got a Nintendo Switch for said birthday.



Here is his house.


  • ”Get out of here! Get out!”
  • This is worse than bad! This is horrible!”
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